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The 'Making Change' Vegan Oat Milk Latte Bar 145g

The 'Making Change' Vegan Oat Milk Latte Bar 145g

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Inspired by the delicious oat milk lattes at R Place, we decided to create a plant-based, no milk chocolate bar filled with a vegan white chocolate and coffee ganache! Whatever gives you the energy to be the change you wish to see, this bar celebrates those who are championing good causes just like our friends at MindOut. 

Plus, the name of the bar is a bit of a pun as we are literally making change: £1 from the sale of every Pride bar will be donated to MindOut LGBTQ Mental Health Service. To find out more about the invaluable support this charity offers, please visit: MindOut | Mental Health Charity for LGBTQ community


contains oats and gluten. May contain nuts, dairy, eggs and soya. Suitable for vegans.

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