The Collab Bar


The Collaboration Chocolate Bar is  something that is close to our heart!  It was created back in January 2019 with the idea of promoting the person behind some of the amazing handmade foodie products in the UK.

On the inside of every Collaboration chocolate bar wrapper is the story of the business we are collaborating with and each chocolate bar is stuffed with their delicious products to create one, giant chocolate bar! So far we have filled bars with freshly baked cookies, brownies, cookie dough, crumb cake, macarons - the list goes on!

We collaborate 4 times per year with 4 different small businesses in the UK. These bars are SUPER limited edition and are in such high demand so you need to be pretty speedy to bag one. 

When we make a Collaboration bar it takes such planning as we have to work so closely with the other small business to coordinate the production. It is so worth it though! Trust us!

the collaboration chocolate bar